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New Budgie Owner Please Assist

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i am a BRAND NEW bird owner. As in I just received my bird within a few hours. I have a few large concerns and I feel like I can share them here. 

#1 my bird cage is what the store recommended although it is very small. It’s 18x10x18 and I fear it doesn’t allow the bird full range of movement. 

#2 her introduction to my home consisted of her getting away from me and me chasing her for  about 8 minutes till I let her sit on my bed while I sit by my door. 

#3 after placing a towel over her and getting her in her cage she hadn’t moved at all. I fear that I’ve really messed up this introduction. 

#4 she hasn’t moved at all since being placed in her cage. When she was placed in her cage she banged all over the sides. 

We have a larger cage although we planned on returning it due to not having all the products promised. 

Any help appreciated. 

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