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Please Can I Ask For Some Help And Advise.

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Hi, my name is Jane and I'm new to the forum.  I am the owner of one male Budgie who goes by the name of Rocky Balbudgie, and I have to admit I could do with a bit of advise, if that's okay. 

I have had Rocky for 15 months and I believe he was around 13 weeks old when I bought him home.  I bought him from a Budgie Breeder near me who owns a shop specialising in all kinds of birds, people travel from all over the country for his birds and I was extremely impressed with their online reviews He arrived with his wings clipped, I have never continued to clip his wings and whilst spending time with the breeder in the shop (which was about 1 hour) he went through how to care for a Budgie and his advise to me on getting him out of the cage was to grab him, which same again didn't seem right and at first that's what I did, but no longer do so. 

Health wise he is fit as a fiddle, my concerns are is his behaviour as he is not very social with me or my partner and despite our best efforts he will not come out of his cage (He currently has a Vision Cage).  I hear about how other Budgies love to be out of their cage and play but Rocky as soon as I get him out at the first opportunity he flies straight back in and gives a triumphant chirp.  He isn't frightened of us and will quite happily eat out of hands and will come onto our hands on his own terms. I know it takes time for a Budgie to bond with us but I feel by now he should be confident enough to fly in and out of his cage (he is a dab wing at flying back into his cage) as well as be more bonded with us and I really don't know what to do.  We are at work all day and I know that probably wont help, but I do put the radio on for him and I do have a few toys in his cage.  He, currently, has a swing with a small mirror and a toy on it, a guitar with play beads on it and a disco ball, he loves his swing I think that's his favourite, especially the little mirror and during the day we place him by the window so he can look out at the garden. I have also noticed that he only likes certain fresh foods which is limited and refuses to try anything new.

Please, can someone advise me as to where I am going wrong and maybe give me some bonding tips, or is he too long in the beak to change? Or is it, possible, the way he was handled in the shop and I didn't stand a chance of bonding with him. Please could I have tips on getting him to try new foods, I do feel he needs a more varied diet.

Thank You So Much


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Hello Jane and welcome to the forums! 

My advice would be to try to clipping your birds wings, but do not attempt to do this if you aren’t really sure what you are doing. Clipping his wings will help you train him better because he will not be able to just fly away, therefore giving you a better shot at training him. Try to spend as much time as possible with him, and talk to him. Also, you probably should remove the mirror if he interacts with it and treats it like another bird. If he doesn’t it  probably is not an issue. And try to keep hand feeding him like you mentioned as much as possible. Start by trying to hold him in his cage first as well, then progress to holding him outside of the cage. As for his diet, try finely dicing vegetables or fruits  into his food box with his normal food. It will make him have to eat around the “gross stuff” and he will eventually eat some, and find out that it isn’t that bad. Note: do NOT give your bird avocado, as it is toxic to them. Good luck! Keep me updated. Hope this helped! 



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