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Help Sexing A New Budgie And Cuddling Question

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Hi, I got a hand fed budgie a week ago, it is 10 weeks old now. I’m thinking Jade may be a girl but this is my first bird and am not confident about sexing. 

This bird is rather cuddly, which I did not expect. It’s very cute and I’m enjoying it. Jade asks for cheek and head scritches which I happily indulge several times a day. Jade also likes to hide under my hand cuddle and fall asleep. It feels like it’s using my hand like a mother birds wing or snuggling with a sibling. This happens every day usually in the afternoon. I stop what I’m doing when Jade wants this interaction and just relax listen to it’s cute noises ( sound like baby birds that are in my yard every year) then she/he falls asleep. I am careful not to pet Jade and just do cheek and head scritches.  Jade can be quite playful as well, and steps up already, and enjoys riding on my shoulder. 

I have been told repeatedly that budgies are not cuddly and only some like head and cheek/ neck scritches from their human flock members. I’m wondering if Jade is exhibiting baby behavior ? Is it likely Jade will grow out of this soon? I’m hoping that the desire for scritches continues. 


The photos attached were taken yesterday. With different views and light angles more blue is visible. I’ve been told Jade has too much white around the nostrils to be a boy. What say you all?  I’m going to get another budgie but want the same sex as I do not want to breed budgies. I’m not in a big rush but am thinking of getting another while Jade is young. 





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Baby budgies cuddling is pretty normal behavior. She will most likely grow out of it though. Jade looks like a beautiful female to me! If you could send some more close-ups of her cere that would be helpful. As for what you said about wanting to get another budgie of the same gender, you probably don’t need to worry about housing budgies of the opposite gender together as they need specific things to start breeding. Hope this helped!


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