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Female Not Accepting New Budgie

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I purchased three budgies from a lady in my building and there two males (one blue one green) and a female (blue) and the female and the blue male are partners they love each other and the green male was alone so we purchased another female and put her in the cage with the rest of them however my other female won’t warm up to her. She either won’t let her come close to her and she fly’s away or when the new budgie is eating she’ll push her out of the way of the food. I had to separate the pairs is this going to hurt my male budgies Since they’ve been in the same cage forever together?



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Female budgies many times do not get along well together, sometimes you just have to wait though it and the problem will pass over. If any budgies are getting hurt badly separate them IMMEDIATELY. Your males should cope well even if they are separated, if their cages are near enough to each other they may start a long distance relationship. If you have any other questions just ask!

Hope this helped! -YellowFeather 

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