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5 Week Old Budgie Who’s Parents Died And Doesn’t Know How To Eat

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So I’ve hit a Dilemma, I’ve got a baby budgie around the age of 5 weeks who’s mum has died and dad doesn’t like it and it hasn’t learnt to eat yet. I have no idea what to feed it or how to feed it. 

I don’t want to buy a formula but would like to know how to feed it and what to feed it.

the internet says fruit and veg but I tried mashing some banana and holding it on a spoon and it didn’t eat it

its been in a well set up cafe for about 2 days and has been getting really crabby and I’m assuming it’s because it’s hungry

please help!!

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Try handfeeding out of bottle. You may need to buy a hen to raise it, but as a last resort

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