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Lesley Carr

My Budgie Thinks He Is A Statue

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I have kept Budgie all my life  as pets and have had no problems with any of them, they have all become part of the family. After the death of my last budgie who died one week before his 14th birthday I purchased a new budgie who was finger trained at time of purchase.  The problem is my budgie is terrified of absolute everything.  We have had him for a year and we are no further forward now than the day we got him with his training.  He only want to stay on his cage and will come on your finger but will not stay on it if you go away from his cage.  He does not play with anything and sits still most of the day.  He is eating and drinking okay and preens himself okay but does nothing else.  In the morning, he is his most active.  We open the cage and he comes out and sits on the top of his cage that is it.  He has never tried to take a bath either.  Any ideas?   

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