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What's With Him..?

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Hello, I'm a new member here and I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

Recently we bought a new budgie (it's been almost a month now) a-and... Well, now we are thinking about selling it...

In the beginning, I made a lot of research before telling my family members that I am confident about having a budgie, I mean, that I am going to be responsible for it etc. And finally we bought it, but there was a surprise about him... After a few days he started chirping... He chirps all the time, this loud, monotonous chirp... Chrip chirp chirp chirp chirp... I've never encountered a budgie chirping this loud and this annoying (the noise itself is so bad to ears!!) and I've had 4 budgies in my life, but none of them had such terrible, high-pitched chirp. He just goes chirp chirp chirp chirp without any chatter, just chirps!! I am going crazy, and not just me, my family members are very annoyed (and I feel such guilt for bringing the bird home, we had such a peaceful life and I just ruined it all with this...) We spend a lot of time with him ever since I brought him home, he is not afraid of hands, he eats from my hand and steps up on my finger (though only with a little pressure against tummy, a stubborn fellow actually)

I was searching for things like these and absolutely nothing helped. You may say it is normal, and it maybe is in your case, I also had budgies and I heard them, but none of them were this annoying... We are extremely close to giving up on him and all of my expectations were ruined. 

I would really appreciate if you respond with some help or at least tell me what is it to him, even if you are going to tell me that selling him is a good idea, thanks!

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i know this might seem counter-productive, but hes probably singing (if you've ever heard me sing you know that screeching classifies as music too) which is often from lonliness. try a friend!

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