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Hello everyone! Brad here from Nova Scotia Canada or better know as the “Budgie Barn.” 

I was heavily into budgies, tiels, and loveys when I was younger but due to Life, had to take a break for a few years. I have recently gotten back into budgies and have a maiden hen on eight beautiful eggs. 

I live in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My hand is a yellow cinnamon, and my mail is a yellow harlequin. 

I run a small business that serves all of the Atlantic provinces, it is called “Perris Perches” And we handcraft all natural woodeb perches for our feathered friends of all sizes.

Looking forward to familiarizing myself with the chat forum in the group, and will post a picture of our first home clutch in a few weeks !!


Perri and the gang 


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