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Hen On Clutch

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Good morning everyone ! Brad here from Halifax, Canada. Also creator of “Perris Perches” a natural wooden approach to the stimulation of our feathered friends serving the Atlantic provinces :)! 


My question is this; my hen is a day or so out from hatching out her first clutch and She’s thrown almost every piece of shredded paper out of the nest. Usually I would have thrown more pine shavings in at this point for my other pairs and other breeds but this hen is SUPER protective of these eggs and wants not even I innrhe nest and she’s fully hand tamed. Every time she’s out to eat and use the washroom (which isn’t often now) as soon as I attempt to open box she’s right back in beak beared! Should I attempt to put still put shavings in now before the clutch begins to hatch ornwait until I have a chick or two in the box? My thoughts are because it’s her first clutch she’s super protective. She also has a clutch of eight and I’m hoping for her and the cocks sake not 5 or 6 hatch as that’s a large clutch for first time parents ! 


Looking for opinions and suggestions ! :) 




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