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6 Week Old Budgie - Boy Or Girl?

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Hi there - I'm new to the forum :) and new to budgie owning too! We have this gorgeous little yellow/green budgie, Lemony Snicket (my 8 year old named it), who is 6 weeks old. He/she is a solid pale yellow colour with a pale greeny blue chest. No bars present anywhere, which I thought they were meant to have on their heads when they were babies - but we got him/her from a breeder and she says that he/she emerged from the nest the day before. He/she is quite tame already, doesn't bite much but occasionally nibbles!

So... do we have a boy or a girl? Also, anyone know what kind of budgie our Lemony is?

Thank you!




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Although I might be wrong, I believe you have a young male opainle. Very cute :)


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