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Bonding Process With A New, Biting Budgie

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Back in February I unfortunately lost two of my stunning budgies, Astor and Maui. After about a month I decided to bring another into my life. Needless to say, the bonding/taming process hasn't been the same as the others, and I know that's normal, but I'm looking for advice.
Oscar, my new bird, is incredibly bitey and afraid of hands, despite being hand raised. Since I'm not new to raising a young bird I understand not to be forcing the process, I'm just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions. If he gets out of his cage he's very well behaved, no biting and even runs to my finger to step up, but ends up getting nervous and does the "angel wings" and begins panting, so I put him back in his cage when I notice this happening.
Could this behavior all be caused by it being spring time and the addition that he's a young, timid budgie?

If any of you have had experience with a budgie like this let me know what worked for you.

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