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One Of My 6 Budgies Died :(

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Hi everyone,

I had a very happy little baby girl budgie called Baby because she didn’t have fully developed wings and her tail wasn’t grown. She was 1 of 6 in the family and she was much loved. 

I found her puffed up and trying to sleep so i got her out of the cage and gave her cuddles and she wouldn’t let go.. the whole night, she just wanted to cuddle. I was cuddling her all the next morning and was very worried about her. She wouldn’t sit on her perch. She had bubbles coming from her mouth and just wanted to sit on the floor of that cage in the blankets. I came home from school to find her cold and deceased. I don’t know what caused this and i would like to know to have some closer. I bought budgies as a way to help me cope with stress and anxiety and just when i was getting better, my baby girl left. She made me so happy. She made me smile when no one else could. Yesterday i was the happiest i had been in a long long time. Until i came home to that. Getting the stress and depression back now :( missing her dearly. 

Could someone PLEASE explain what might have happened to my poor baby girl?? 

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Hi Jordana has anyone communicated with you yet?

I am so sorry to hear about your handicapped baby. And her dying. Bubbles out of her mouth means she was ill.  She could have had Crop canker or pneumonia. There are many great members that could explain better than I but I know how painful a loss is. It's heart breaking! I have Budgies and when I loose one I cry bitterly. To me they are like children. A sick budgie cannot maintain its body heat and if not kept warm by a heating pad or something like that they can die from Cold. I use a reptile heating pad for my Quail babies and Mommy plus if really cold I have an Infra red light with a thermostat.

Do you have an Avian vet for the future?

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