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Budgies That Cannot Fly - Advice Welcomed

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Our workplace has an aviary of budgies, and around 8-9 weeks ago - timeline is a bit hazy -  5 baby budgies (all to the same parents we think) were born.  They were pushed out of nest by mother at about 4-5 weeks (we put them back in the nesting box a few times as they seemed small and its cold), but they all kept jumping out (or being pushed....we weren't around to see the actual event because it is at work, and we are not there watching budgies 24/7).  Now 4 weeks on, the 5 budgies are still running around on the floor of the aviary.    The parents did come down to feed them on the ground for some time, but that has now ceased.   They eat seed, run around with wings outstretched but never flying,  frequently huddle together, or just seem to doze in the middle of the aviary floor.     I did pick a couple of them up, and put them higher up to see if they could fly, but they just flutter to the ground.      We have put branches down very low to help them climb up a little, but they aren't too keen on that concept (or not when I am looking).

Any suggestions on how we can help these budgies fly!!   I can understand maybe one budgie having something wrong, but all 5?       Will they ever fly or do we need patience, or should they be removed from the aviary for intensive lessons!!     

Thanks for any advice.  

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