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Hello everyone,

Last year I stopped breeding budgies, due to the fact that I could no longer care for babies and parents, because of full time work and study commitments. I continued to keep adult budgies for 6 months. I recently released my budgies, cleaned out the aviary, and stored everything away. 

I'm not sure if I will breed budgies again, but I sure had a blast doing so while I did. It was about 5 years of breeding, with many beautiful clutches and chicks being created. I also lost a few, which I was quite sad about, but sometimes, there's not much one can do.

This also marks the farewell for this site, perhaps for now, perhaps for good. I made some good friends here, many of which are no longer active. However I want to thank anyone still on here, for the knowledge and experience provided.

Farewell, stay safe and happy bird keeping,


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