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Hi all, I got my first budgie Sydney in December 2016 (aged around 2 months) from a pet shop and bought a second budgie Rocket (aged around 6 weeks) in march 2017 from a home breeder. I changed their water and food every few days. Ever since I got the 2nd budgie, Sydney has been puffing up and I just gathered he was doing it as a dominance thing? They live in a spare room at my house in a reasonable sized cage. The last week or so they have been shifted around a bit as I had guests and dogs, so they've been out in the kitchen and bathroom as well. My sister walked in the spare room yesterday to find Rocket (new budgie) dead in the bottom of the cage, she buried him while I was at work, when I got home 3 hours later I walked in to find my other budgie Sydney dead as well. Could anyone give me and idea of why they both died within 5-6 hours of each other? Please no hate, I've never owned birds before and I thought I was doing a good job, I'm absolutely devastated ☹️

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Most likely coccidiosis . the second bird probably infected the first one ,

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I agree Matt. When getting a new bird always keep it away from your others in its own house for 28-30 quarantine period. I have a little cage I just keep my newbie in and keep it next to my main so they get to know each other. I won’t allow them to even touch between the bars etc. If after this time I feel they are getting on well I will have them out together a few times to watch all behaviours. Sorry for your loss but don’t blame yourself.

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