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Hoping For Help In The Usual Boy/girl, And Colour/type Question

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Our aim is to set up an indoor aviary of happy and healthy birds, not necessarily to be breeding, but we hope to have an even split of males and females, of "interesting colours genetically, and visually. Well....that's the plan!


So we collected this lovely little girl (am confident this is a female coming into/in breeding condition), and she has been fabulous. Supposedly one of last year's hatch (but don't know exactly when....no leg ring) , but lovely bird, hopping on/off finger within 24 hours of arriving with us, and happily free flying in the safety of our sitting room within 3 days, and relaxed enough to hop onto a finger to be put back in her house. Been called "Purdy Birdy".... question about her is, what colour/type is she? She is smaller and "neater" than two of the others, who look gigantic next to her!






then we have today collected three young birds, and having read myself upside down regarding cere colour, and thinking I had everything straight in my head (its many years since I had two pet spudgies), I am now really confused as to what we have ended up buying. All lovely birds, but we may now have either 1 definite girl, 1 definite boy, and 2 possible girls, OR, 3 boys, and 1 definite girl ! Which isn't a problem....but obviously, I need to know....and LEARN! Also, I am getting really bogged down and confused regarding what colours/types they all are......I hope you enjoy the photos!


Terrible photo, but this one is shy...definite boy, can get better photos tomorrow ,leg ring/hatched Oct, huge in comparison to Purdy! 806c4b13-61f6-41f1-a376-c94bfc19b5fc.jpg6f62e505-aa1b-46ff-a6cc-72cd7f576980.jpg


this one is supposed to be a girl, supposed to be pairing already with the green one above...leg ring/hatched Nov, again huge compared to Purdy....



Then the last one is this little beauty. We wondered if we have a Rainbow here?? 11 weeks, and looks like a girly to me....but will happily stand corrected! Really happy to be handled...



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As you suggested the top on IS a hen coming into breeding condition. And the others are males. :)

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