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Advice Re Aviary Setup Please

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I am planning on putting some budgies in an aviary. It's only small, 1.7m overall, about 1.1 for the bird part and a safety door area. Depth is around 97cm and it's 1.8 tall.


First question, do you think it's okay for a few budgies, and, if so, how many? Would six be okay?


Secondly, the aviary has metal sheeting across the back and half of the side (the whole side on the safety door side) and mesh across the front and half of the side. Across the back is a high shelf, with a carrier for a full-length (about 1.1) perch. Is the shelf intended for their "dinner dishes"? I've been reading about mice and how they'll access through the mesh, but can they scale metal sheeting or do they need to have the foothold of mesh to get up there?


Any recommendations as to what feeder/waterer is best? I was thinking of putting chook waterer/feeders up on the shelf, if that's what it's for. Any better suggestions?


Thanks for any advice.

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If anyone's interested, I got 5 new budgies and put them in with my remaining budgie from inside. I later added another 2. They seem happy in there, not too crowded, IMO.


I am using the shelf for their food and water. I've put a chook waterer there, and they seem fine using that. Having the "dinner dishes" up there is good because I don't have to have anything hanging in their way, if they want to flap about. I haven't had any signs of mice getting up there.

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