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Tail Bobbing Or Tail Shaking?

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Hey there fellow budgie lovers :)

I've recently (3 days ago) purchase two budgies and after observing them closley I've realised that one of them, more obviously than the other, has a bit of a shake to her tail that is accompanied by a sort of arch.. She or he, (I'm not to sure yet as they are babies) is eating normally, chirps and hops and files around his cage like normal.


Symptoms - shaking tail and arched tail. - (Ive been watching alot of videos on YouTube about tail bobbing and I don't see a definite 'bob' more of like a shake or a vibration)


Activity - Eating and drinking like normal, sleeping normally, talking and acting normal.


History - They were purchased from an elderly breeding couple, the aviery had maybe 15-20 budgies in each. All ages from babies to mature. It was a clean aivery except there was built up seed shells on the floor, built up in the corners. The couple seemed very nice and dedicated to their birds and chose the two birds for me based on what I wanted (Cute, healthy, active, friendy) Today when I called to ask if there was any history or sickness she seemed surprised and let me know that it was news to her and she hadn't had any other cases and that I was welcome to being them back and 'trade' them. If course I said no :)


Any other information - They are still young but old enough to eat and fend for themselves. They both had their wings clipped the day I brought them, so maybe it's a balance thing? They were in an aivery 24/7 before, they are now kept in a large cage that are brought inside at night. They came from a quiet, undisturbed aivery full or birds and have now moved to a slightly chaotic house with young kids and are transported in and outside in the mornings and nights and only have two other budgies in the cage next to them.


I hope I provided enough info, I'm new to this forum so I don't know how much about it. Ill upload a photo or video when I learn how too.. im just super paranoid as I lost a beloved budgie three months ago, I just want to arm myself with the knowledge that I need.. I hope someone has some advice :) Thank you in advance!

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