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Abnormal Tail Feathers, Quill Only, No Barbs

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Hi Everyone,


Hoping you can help me please. My budgie has been heavily moulting recently, he has many new pin feathers and is feathered all over, no bare patches. But today we noticed that he has had two new tail feathers come through which are very thick stiff quill feathers, with no barbs on them at all. They're just bare quills. They have grown very quickly. Is he okay? What should we do?


I have another budgie who lives with him, sharing a cage, both males. The other budgie is fine.


They have a good diet, includes Trill budgie seed, they regularly have apple, millet sprays, and peppermint tree leaves, with occasional parsley, basil, rocket and lettuce leaves from the garden.


Hope someone can help shed some light on this, Ive never seen or heard of this happening before!


Thanks in advance!!


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