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Budgie Throwing Up Food And Sitting Puffy

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So I have a budgie and just wondering what could be wrong. From a clutch of 3 this one has only been throwing food back out and sits puffy all day.


Only started doing it after a year.

Anyone know what it might be ?

Thanks in advance for your input

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Hi, noticed you have had no replies to your post, I haven't been on here for about 18mths. as I had to sell all my birds etc etc. long story.to be honest I was shocked to see how this site has gone downhill. As to your query if your bird is still ill/ alive , go to F.A Q. at top of site g to HEALTH type in budge throwing up and you should get some info from that. Could be sour crop or more serious problem. Isolate your sick bird, put it under a heat source, table lamp etc. If it's eating and drinking you may save it but until you find out the cause it's a bit hard to help.,

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