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Free Hand Raised Budgie To Very Good Home - Sydney


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Hi guys with a very heavy heart i am having to give my pet budgie away. I have moved to a smaller home and have since had a bub of my own. As much as i love him to bit i do not have the time or space for him. Sounds cruel saying this about someone you love but being locked up in the cage is not being fair to him. He has been so neglected that he is constantly bringing up food and feeding his toys. It is becoming very excessive now.


He was hand raised from week 2 on quality bird raising food. He is used to roaming the house free. Ideally i would love for him to go to someone who has other birds or an aviary. He comes with food, a flight cage, a large standard cage and smaller cage i use to travel with him.


I am based in the Kuringai region. Contact details provided via pm.



I am trying to add a picture but gives me an error message.

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