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2 New Young Budgies Both Recessive Pieds I Think. Sex ? Please Help.

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We purchased 2 young 'Fancy Budgies' Friday. Already very friendly, attentive and active.

I believe both are Recessive Pieds. One is a classic example, other probably the same.

I can attach several pictures of both, as soon as I figure out how to do that. If I can do that,

could you please let me know what you think the age and sex is for each? THANK YOU SO

MUCH. Waiting to name them until we know if boys or girls.


I still cannot figure out how to attach 4 pictures of my budgies. I also had to hit

REPLY to post and resign in, because it didn't let me add to my original post?

If someone can explain to me how to manipulate this forum better, I would appreciate

the help. Thanks so much.

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I'm pretty new to the forum too, am also finding it difficult to get around and use it.

I guess I must be a computer dinosaur or something.....

When your pieds mature look in their eyes. If they have a white iris ring they are likely dominant pieds, if the eye stays black they are likely Danish or recessive pieds.

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