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Hi people!


Wondering if someone could help me with the mutations of my birdies?

I once knew but cant remember now..

Also while we are here, who would you pair and why? What colour babies could i end up with?


Lets go with Sven (blue male) as number 1 and Minty (my little lady) can be number 2 i think she is opaline golden face but is her colour skyblue?? Shes like a greeny turqoise colour.



Svens back (1)



Mintys back (2)



Teeko, male - opaline cobolt or violet??? Number 3



Pixel Number 4 - This is an OLD picture. havent got anything new of her.

Recessive pied?.... I havent got any pics of her back but she has a couple of dark little feathers.



only picture i have that shows Pixels back spots (4)


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