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Young Show Quality, Cage Trained, Ready To Show

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I know I am only a new member, and hope its okay to post here ...


I have 7 young show quality, cage trained and ready to show budgies available for sale

these birds are all this years young that are not required for my 2016 breeding plan,

however there is nothing wrong with them- they are all show quality, high potential place getters,

show cage trained and ready to be showed next season. My line produces birds with exceptional body features, but tend to have broad shoulders with a rounder head (trying to breed this aspect out)


-W/S DF violet cinnamon spangle hen, 5 months old

-Y/S olive English fallow cock, 8 months old

-W/S violet opaline TCB cock, 6 months old

-Y/S cobalt SF dominant pied cock, 10 months old

-Y/S normal grey wing mauve cock, 3 months old

-W/S dilute sky blue hen, 8 months old

-Y/S clear wing grey green cock, 7 months old


Asking $45.00 a bird or 2 for $85.00


please PM me if interested

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