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I am no poet or really, all that much of a conservationist...

I'm not entirely sure what to say here but ill give it a crack!


My name is Erin,

I am 20 years of age

I live in Canberra, ACT

I have been breeding budgies since I was 12, (for 8 years)

I am a breeder of Exhibition budgies and have developed my own unique show line over the past 6 years,

and only started showing in 2 years ago, i wanted to make sure my line was complete and free of any

faults before i started showing, and am a member of the BSNSW canberra branch.


I came across this site after it being raised in conversation at a members meeting.


I have joined the site in hopes of comming across new breeders in which i can purchase new stock off

to add new blood to my line.


I am also here to help with and advise any genetic, mutation and exhibition breeding questions anyone may have.

looking foward to meeting you all!

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