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Are My Budgies Male Or Female?

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Hi guys,


First of all let me introduce myself as I am new to this forum. My name is Kasper and I am 26 years old and live in Birchgrove (Sydney). I think that's enough, otherwise feel free to ask.


Last night I got two 8 week old budgies from a friend whose budgies just had their first chicks. The first night they were very quite and besides a bit of eating and the occasional chirp they sat together. However now that they've had one day to settle in they have become much more confident. They're drinking and eating both seed mix and pellets (which the breeder never tried) and they will even eat millet of my hand.


Anyway, back on topic. My friend believes that they are both male, however I have a suspicion that I might have a male and a female (budgie 2). Your opinions on gender (and mutations) would be greatly appreciated.


Budgie 1 on the right and budgie 2 on left (another photo below):



Budgie 2:


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From the first picture both look like males, in the second it might be a female. Are you able to get a shot in natural light please

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Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to take another shot with a better light source but I may have to try again tomorrow. The reason I think it could be a female is that it is quite different in colour to the other male. It's more blue/white. Do you have an idea of their mutation?


Let me know if the below image works. Otherwise I will try with more natural light when I get the chance.



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Appears to be a female as it has a large amount of white around the nostrils. If you could take some pictures of the wings/back it would help in telling the mutation.

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Here are a couple more that will hopefully help.


Also is it normal behaviour to for new/all budgies to fly around the cage wildly when you put the cover over the cage? It's as if they wont settle down. They are also squawking quite a lot.





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very pretty budgies, i'm not sure of the mutation.


looks female to me but i'm not 100% sure.

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Very beautiful birds, look like opaline grey wings or dilutes

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Thanks guys for your replies, much appreciated.


They birds are adorable. After the first 5 nights they have really perked up. They are very chatty, curious and will fly to my hand for a treat.

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