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Unhealthy Budgie

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I have 2 budgies and on tuesday i've noticed the foot of one of them started to hurt and he was unable to rest on it. We took the bird to the bird vet and they couldnt find any fructures or or any breaks. THey told me my option was to come back and do xray and blood tests to see if it might be some testicular issue that male budgies apparently get. My partner loves her animals but cant justify paying $500 to see what could be wrong. Just not the kind of money we have to spend just like this.( the bird is around 4 years old)


The bird has been eating and moving. at times he is fluffed then next minute he will chirp and eat. He doesnt look well but we dont know what to do. We gave him some kale today so he is on the floor eating. dunno if its tumour or if we should give him some more time?


any advise?

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