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Little Houdini

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Hello everyone, yesterday my brothers budgie escaped from it's cage. Here is how it happened:


The cage has a breeding box on it, and two or three times Shelby, ( full name: Shelby GT500 Mustang Super Snake.(Not my Idea)), escaped through the little peek-hole, which is that board you slide up to look inside. Somehow he opened it, and flew out of the room and out a window. We first thought it was an Eastern Rosella with white-ish feathers, then I saw the aqua-coloured belly. Then I ran to the cage and the peek-hole board was lying on the floor, and he was gone.


He hung around the house calling to my budgie, but after dark, nothing. That night had a low of -1 degrees Celcius. He must have passed away, because we haven't seen him ever since.

Might I mention he was a really beautiful budgie. too!

He would cuddle up to Twix at night, and him just leaving was heart-breaking:( . I live in the country, with thick bush all around. He is gone forever.






P.S. He looks a bit like the yellow budgie on the top of the screen, beside the forum name.

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