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What Mutations/colours Will I Likely Get From These Pairings?

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Hi All,


I have a few budgies that are soon to breed, and I was hoping someone could tell me what mutations/colours I am likely to get from each of these pairings?


I let the budgies choose their own partners, so I'm not aiming for any particular colours, just curious :)

These are the pairs that have taken to each other:


Pair 1:











Pair 2:















Pair 3:










Thanks! :)

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The female in pair 1 looks to be a opaline spangle. 50% of your babies will be spangle, unless the male is split to opaline you won't have any visual opalines. Babies will be blue series as both parents are blue.


Pair 2, should be the same as pair one except no spangle


Pair 3, I'm not sure but I don't think you will get any blues. The yellow face has a green gene and the male is a green series, the green over powers the blue and you should have all greens


I may be wrong with that, also birds may be split which would give other outcomes

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I'm looking forward to seeing the different mutations/colours these pairs produce as I still don't have a lot of experience with identifying them.


Also, would you happen to know what pairing produces the violet, yellow face type?


Hope everything is going well with your budgies :)

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I think if you pair your female from pair 3 to your male from pair 2 that'll give you the violet and yellow face gene from the female. You should receive 50% of your babies carrying the violet gene and also the yellow face gene.

I just had a quick read over the genetics and that is the best way I think you use to get yellow face violets, although I may be wrong

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Thanks :)


I might look at trying to pair those two down the line.


I say 'try' to pair them because I have previously had male and female budgies together in a breeding cage that are over 12 months old, in breeding condition and get along, but that are not specifically 'pair bonded'. All they seem to do is contact call for the other half of their bonded pair all day long (really loudly), and ignore the mate they have in the breeding cage.


I'm not sure, if I left them together in the breeding cage for a while, whether they would eventually give up and be happy with the mate in the cage with them.


I guess it's just easier to let them choose their own mate - is this what you do?

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Ahh this is so interesting!!


My pair have a baby at the moment - I cant remember the names of the colour mutations of the parents but so far baby looks like itll be white.

I know mum is recessive pied - mostly yellow with a grey/blue tummy patch

Dad is that violet purpley blue colour witht he black spangled wings.


What colour mutations are these two and what colours could the babies be once my little lady Minty is old enough?

I think Sven (the blue boy) is a sky blue clear wing??


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Hi There...Nice birds, I like the greys, they are in lovely condition.

I'll give the outcomes a go for you....Note If birds are carrying recessive genes you might get some surprises.

The grey pair should throw a variety of shades of grey, 50% spangle, some babies maybe blues if both parents are single factor grey also, all males will be split opaline.

Sky blue to sky blue gives 100% sky blue, all males will be split opaline.

The last pair might disappoint as you could end up with all green babies.....However its more likely that the green pied is split blue in which case you may get some white face and some yellow face blues and violets as well... All babies will be split pied..... Have fun, I hope you get some nice surprises.



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Thanks for your reply Marie :)


Interestingly, this is what I got from the pairings:


1. Grey budgies - didn't end up mating so have remained together in the main flight. Still show no interest in breeding and just sit together all day long :)


2. Sky Blue Budgies - produced 6 healthy babies (1 boy & 5 girls), all sky blue and all very cute :)

They are 7 weeks old now, here are some pictures:











3. The last pair was very interesting - 8 babies in total (3 from first breeding and 5 from second). They are resting now for at least 6 months!


Produced from 1st breeding -


Male, all violet with a white face:



Female, green with a yellow face:



Female, yellow and bright green:




Produced from 2nd breeding -


Male, green with yellow face (you can also see the hen in the back left of the photo and the cock in the back right, other sibling centre)



Female, yellow and olive green:




And finally... 3 males, pale yellow and blue. Lovely pastel colouring but have absolutely no idea of the mutation??











So, you were pretty accurate with the outcomes :)

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