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Colourful Budgies . Avalon House Fox Stud . Gippsland Victoria

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Hey guys I have started providing pet birds again for taming and breeding purposes

Birds are mostly intermediate size half show half regular pet size in many variertys all my birds are blue series birds I do not breed green series birds however I specialise in keeping our Australian golden face budgie in its pure form in which provides a good choice of birds whom resemble green in lovely tones of bright lime green down to deep emerald green of the single factor violets

Feel free to look and join my face book page where up dates of what's available in the nests

Right now

All birds are 30.00 and come worm and mite treated for protection up to 3 months

I provide on going information and advice as long as you feel you need it if at all

Regarding either taming care or breeding

So feel to call Leeia on 0450081940

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