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How To Tame And Breed Budgies

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Hi All,


Last year i thought to gift my lovable wife with love birds (budgies) for the lovers day, hence i bought 8 birds on 12/02/2014 from a road sider who is doing seasonal business.


i also got the cage with size of 3feet lenght, 2 width and 3 feet height, and also it got 5 pots (sand pot) with a whole in it.


Soon i realize that i made a big mistake as the birds died one after the other, the saddest thing is they died when they laid eggs, it was not eating properly and the male partners didnt care about the females.


At last just 2 birds survived, they are still with me now.


But the female bird started to lay eggs, but the eggs are never fertile, the male is also taking care of the female.


I waited for 4 months so the female starts to fertile, but still now the female has not fertilized any egg.


So, last month i decided to buy few more birds to accompany the birds.


so, l bought 6 more budgies from a famous pet shop. Sadly now also one bird died. I dont know the reason, as that bird was healthier when i saw it in the morning. And in the evening my wife called me informed one of the new bird is dead.


I feed my birds with foxtail millet (thinai in tamil) and Coriander Leaves (Kotha malli ilai). Kadal nurai (calcium block)


I also tried to feed them some fresh fruits like banana, carrot, cabbage. But they never eat those things.


Please suggest what else can i feed my birds, i would like to tame them and breed them.budgies.jpg

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Hi dildhilip20,


The basic diet of a budgerigar is a budgerigar seed mix. It is a mistake to feed just one type of seed.


For example one popular brand of budgerigar seed mix contains White French Millet, Panorama Millet, Panicum, Sorghum, Canola Seed, Canary Seed, Dehulled Oats, Japanese Millet, Shirohie Millet, Wheat and Linseed.


If the birds are dying during egg laying it makes me suspect calcium deficiency.


Budgerigars, especially females budgerigars laying eggs need cuttlebone and oyster shell grit for calcium and digestion. I have never fed sand as a substitute or used mineral blocks so I can't comment on how good these items are as a calcioum source.


I hope this information can help you work out what is going wrong.



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A thankyou would be appreciated. This is part of the reason why I hesitate to post replies.



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