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Autum And Winter Journal 2015

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Here I will post news, stories, pictures, and success about the autum and winter breeding seasons for 2015.


So the first clutch of this year started in Febuary with a first time mother and father.


Four eggs where laid and all four where cared for perfectly by a waiting mother. However 2 days before the first egg hatched, the father was attacked and killed by a butcher bird, and at this time these where the only pair breeding, so I couldnt swap eggs over. So I left them with the first time mother, and out of the four eggs, two hatched, these two eggs hatched within a 4 hour period of eachother and grew fast and healthy.


The new mother was doing exceptionally well and fed, and cared for them all the time, they have both fledged and are about to move to the aviary to meet the adults with mum.


She has now been put on break for a year or so, or until she can make a new partner, upon finding one she needs to have a 6 month break.


There are currently 3 pairs trying to breed, and maybe four in the next weekend, these are mainly going to be first time parents, some have never made it past having chicks that are older than 6 days old, and one pair are my star breeders. So I will keep you all updated on what happens.

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Good luck with it all and look forward to the updates!

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So just an update, I am only going to have three pairs down for breeding during winter, unless something happens between some of the other birds. One pair, has been preparing for a few weeks and are now showing interest in the nesting box, so hopefully within a week or so we should start seeing some eggs. the second pair are still settling in the new cage, as they have been in the aviary for about 6 months, the last pair will swap with the mother who has the two fledged chicks on the weekend, so tomorrow.


My finches are also starting to show interest in the nest and nesting materials, so hopefully I will get my first clutch of finch chicks sometime soon.


That's all for now.

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So budgie mad - I notice your profile does not include a state/city. Due to the butcher bird attack, I was wondering if you are in my city - Melbourne?

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