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Jimmybanks 2015 Breeding

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G'Day all,


So I figured this was a better place to put stuff up about my breeding pairs. And I'll do them all in the 1 thread rather than have a seperate thread for each pair.


So at the moment I've only got 2 pairs up...


Pair 1


Greygreen Cinnamon Opaline Hen



Green Cinnamon Cock



Pair 2


Green Hen (Unsure mutation)



Greygreen Cinnamon Cock



I'm pretty sure the breeder said that the Hen in Pair 2 was a Green TCB Spangle Opaline Hen but I can't remember. I don't have an albino to pair her up with to find out if she is TCB. I don't really know why I paired her up with a cinnamon grey green, I'm regretting that now but oh well they seem to be bonding and she's spending a bit of time in the nest box. No eggs though and they've been together around 10 days.


Pair 1 have been together for the same amount of time and have 4 eggs (1st laid on the 12th of Feb). I don't really like this pair either. Now that I think about it I should've put the cock bird from pair 2 with the hen from pair 1 and then put a Greygreen Cock to the hen in pair 2.


My reasoning for the current pairs is that I wanted to have an inexperienced cock bird with an experienced hen and visa versa. Hopefully it will work out okay. If not, next round I'll make the changes. Well that's about it for now, It's my 1st pairs ever so it will be a very interesting experience, and hopefully an enjoyable one LOL.

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I think your grey green cinnamon male is your best bird and pair 2 are your best pair. That said I am just a novice.


Looks like you will breed a lot of cinnamon birds.

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Yeah, I've got way too many cinnamons. The male from pair 2 is my best cock but she isn't my best hen, I've got a grey pied that is better but she's not in tip top shape atm so I didn't want to put her down to breed. Hopefully pair 2 will start laying soon. How long would you keep them down without seeing a result?

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Probably a month. The hen in the second pair has a pale cere and she may not be in condition just yet.

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K. Cheers.

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So we are still at 4 eggs in Nestbox 1 and we're stuck on 0 in Nestbox 2. When should I first be able to see if they are fertile? I used my iPhone light to try and candle the lights but it's not the best. Will keep my fingers crossed...

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This is Pair 2 today, her cere is a light brown colour. Would you say she's a bit under done yet or ready to breed?



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Female is out of condition

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Her cere looks pretty bad in that second picture. I would seperate the pair and put her in a flight to get her into condition.

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Hmmm okay. Will do. I've got other hens who are out of condition but there Ceres are nearly white with a hint of blue. Hers is more a tan colour. I'll take her out and see if I've got another hen that's ready.


Pair 1 the hen has attacked the cock bird and now he's got a hole in the side of his head...




She's sitting on 4 eggs and I've got no one to foster them out too. He's not showing any signs of distress and it's not bleeding now but I'm worried. Would it be safe to take him out and switch him with another cock and hope she doesn't have a go at him?

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I believe that hole is the ear, just monitor them. A new male may be attacked even worse

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Yeah it looks like that's what it is. But I'm not sure where all the blood is from then... I can't find a cut on him anywhere.

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Things are moving along nicely here. The cock bird from pair 1 is healing up nicely and the hen is spending all her time in the nest box. She won't even get out if I try and check on the eggs. I would like to check for fertility but she's doing a good job and I know when the first one is due so we'll see.


Pair 2, Is no more I took the hen out and now her cere is turning browner. Always the way, I might pair them up again in a few weeks, we'll see.

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So, up to about day 15 for the 1st egg. Checked them all and they look fertile, well, at least I think they are. LOL. I've looked at photo's on the net of eggs and they look good. Lets just hope she raises them all. That'll be awesome! I am getting so nervous! I'm only going into the nest box once about once a week, don't want to disturb the hen. That will need to change once the chicks are hatching. Not looking forward to putting on my 1st ring, scared I'm going to break it's little leg.

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I remember doing my first ever rings. It was scary but then the trick is to get them on when the birds are quite small.

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Yeah, gonna start trying from about day 6 or so. Tomorrow is when the first egg is due to hatch! Exciting times!

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Hi Jimmy, glad your about to see your first pinkies. Just a thought, if your've got show bird size birds, maybe you could try rings before day 6 as chicks could be bigger size and ring might be too hard to get on, as long as it stays on past the foot it should be okay if it comes off you can try again in a couple of days. Good luck

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Sounds like a plan. Will try earlier, if nothing else I'll get some practice lol

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  • 4 weeks later...

hey jimmy,

Sorry haven't seen this post earlier, did you get any babies??

They should be close to leaving the nest soon

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  • 2 weeks later...

Any word on the chickadees?

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All clear, and there is a second round now with all clear eggs too Zzzz.

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