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Just a short hello!


Following this for future preparations, I guess. I do not yet own any birds, but I do intend to get a budgie once I am financially stable. Probably a year at least.


It's been a year and a half of on and off research, so I might just lurk around this community at times, see if I can learn some things before I have to learn some the hard way.



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My one bit of advice is that if you decide to get exhibition birds, buy show cages first.


Kind regards

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Welcome! There's definitely lots to be learned about birds if you're interested :)


I'm not sure how much you think the birds cost, but I can tell you right now that my eleven (obviously one would be less than 1/10) cost me maybe $20 for two or three months of seed, another $50 a month for pellets and then I don't really keep track of how much fruit and veggies cost but you don't need to have a whole lot of money to afford one bird. I don't think my lot are very expensive and I'm currently on Centrelink while studying, so if you are worried about expense then don't be. Apart from the cage and accessories and the bird itself they're very cheap to maintain. In a clean environment where there's lots of fresh air but also protection from cold draughts they rarely get sick. Mine live in my bedroom and do very well even with my Border Collie "paying them visits" (staring at them like sheep).


Keep us updated when you get your little one!

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