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Blue Female Clearwing To Good Home - Orange/sydney Nsw


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We need to re-home our beautiful blue clearwing - Kylie. She would be suitable as a pet only - no breeding.


She is 2.5 years old and lacks the 'nesting' instinct. In June 2014, she became egg-bound. With the help of our amazing avian vet, and about 2 months of TLC, she made a full recovery. She has gone on to lay 2 clutches of eggs, however she does so off the perch. We have given her a nesting box, however it doesn't seem she registers the fact that she's supposed to go in and lay in there. She kept laying as we believe she never "completed" the breeding cycle. A few weeks ago, we separated her from the male as it wasn't safe for her to keep laying eggs like that.


Unfortunately, with all of our other birds, we have no more room for additional cages so she can be housed by herself long term.


Kylie has a beautiful nature and actually does much better when living on her own. With a little perseverence she can be well trained.


She is already trained to jump onto your finger and will sit on the shoulder and walk around like that. She has also been trained to return to a perch whilst outside of her cage (all you have to do is clap a couple of times and say "swing" - most times though, you don't even have to do that).


We are based in Orange (central west) NSW, but can bring her to Sydney or the Southern Highlands, as we go there frequently. We are keen to see her go to a good home so please PM or reply below if you are interested.





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