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Opinions Please

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Hi. Im considering showing my boys. Your opinions would be appreciated. Im new to this :)






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I'm not a show breeder so I am unsure at exactly what to be looking for. but your birds seem to look nice and big, the have clean feathers and your grey seems to have a nice big head.


you will have to wait until some show breeders have a look, but from what i can see they look like good birds.

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Thankyou :)

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I believe that when you join a budgie club to show your birds. You are only entitled to show those birds that you have actually bred yourself and have your own personal ring id on them.


A show breeder will tell you for sure, but this is what I have read before.

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Yes unless you are entering in the beginners class which you can show a bird which you did not breed.

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Beautiful birds! I only keep pet type budgies, but a nice show budgie is a grand sight. Good luck!

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I would definately encourage you to show them. You will learn so much more about your birds by showing and your birds look great.

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