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Lonely Male Among 4 Pairs- Need Advise

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Hi all!

I have 4 pairs of budgies, all 10 months old and are about to start their first cluch!

One of them is already sitting on 4 eggs (might be more later)!

Now I have another lonely 2 y/o male budgie who is desperately trying to get a female buy since they are all taken he is alone. I am sure that if I get another female he will court her.

The only problem is that I am afraid that now when all the pairs are headed to start their first cluches, adding a new budgie will stress them and they might stop the cluch they are about to start, or worse, the pair who is sitting on eggs might abandon them.

Remember they all have never had a cluch before so its gonna be their first time.

What should I do? Get this female? Wait a bit?

Thanks all!

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I think you'll find the reason no one has replied to this is because you're breeding birds that are under a year old. That is horribly bad for their health. Your two year old is the only one I think you should be breeding. Once the chicks of your ten month olds have fledged, separate the adults so they don't breed again for at least six months. Males and females in different cages. Making eggs and raising chicks while they're still growing is cruel to the birds as it robs nutrients from the parents.

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Introducing a new hen to an aviary that's just settling to breed is not a good idea there will most likely be fighting. Leave him in the aviary he'll be okay. If you wanted to breed him separately you could do that. Many people stop breeding as we head into the hotter parts of the year and I prefer to breed in spring. Always rest your birds for a few months at least to give them time to build up their health.

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