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Our First Babies


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okay, I'm not a breeder, as such. However I did place a nesting box in with our budgies and we now have two babies, which is great :). They are near 3 weeks old. I figured the adult budgies would look after them and my intervention would be minimal..which has been the case so far. I've cleaned out the nesting box but that's it.


Someone said to me that they thought the box needed to be placed on the ground of the aviary in case the babies fell out. I tried this this today but the parents just stressed out and went nowhere near the box. So I moved it back to the ledge approx 1.4m from ground.


I've had a look through the posts on this site but haven't found anything about whether the chicks will be safe so far off the ground?


They look healthy. No food on their faces. Growing well, sprouting little feathers

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congratulations on the babies, keep the box where it is. The babies will be fine, they may not be able to fly straight away when they leave the box but they will be able to safely glide to the floor without causing injury.

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Thank you! I really do appreciate the advice.

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Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your birdie journey. :D

The babies will be fine. I've never had any chicks injured when they leave the nest box.

Good luck!

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