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Dr Ross Perry - Best International Avian Vet Who Offers Phone Consulta

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I just wanted to share about a wonderful vet who has helped me tremendously with many aspects of my budgie's Blessing's health. His name is Dr Ross Perry and he is sought after worldwide as an avian vet.


Dr Perry has recently released a book called "Doctor Ross Perry's Budgie Book" which can be purchased on this website: http://www.goldcoast...soft-cover.html


I can't recommend this book highly enough.


Dr Perry also has a youtube channel where he broadcasts veterinary consultations with budgies and other birds, so that we can all benefit from his advice and expertise.



He lives in Australia but offers remote consultations to clients worldwide for $50 per 15 minute timeslot (he manages to fit a LOT into that amount of time). He lives in a different state than me, so I sometimes make phone or Skype appointments with him to receive top quality bird advice and I do this in conjuction with also going to my local avian vet whenever necessary (she is in awe of Ross). This is where I book my appointments:




I just thought I really should let you all know about this wonderful vet whose passion is to increase people's understanding of how to love and care for their pet birds in a holistic manner.

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