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Black Eyed Lacewing

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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what type of budgie this is. I have been breeding lacewings for only 6 months now and I have a yellow lacewing hen paired with a yellow texas clearbody split lacewing cock. I only got 1 chick and it is a bit unusual. It looks like my other lacewings except it has black eyes. Any ideas?



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I'm not too good with mutations but I would say a cinnamon Texas clear body

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Yeah, a cinnamon texas clearbody, looks right to me.

And from that pairing you will likely only get Texas Clearbody chicks, as TCB is dominant to ino, and lacewing act the same as the ino gene.

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Thanks for your help. It did have red eyes when born so cinnamon makes sense. With regard to the pairing, the texas clearbody split lacewing cock was previously paired with a grey opaline hen. They produced 4 opaline lacewing hens and 1 grey green opaline cock (no texas clearbodies). Im not the best with genetics but that would tell me that the lacewing gene was stronger.

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I stand corrected, from your pairing you would get lacewings and texas clearbodies

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Wow pretty

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