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I am new to breeding and am still getting my head around the different variations and combination as they seem endless.

Please find attached pictures of my two budgies Aussie and Shazza. If anyone with knowledge can let me know eg if pied, opaline etc I'd be very grateful.

This first picture is of Shazza the hen.





In this picture you can see Aussie the male in front and Shazza in the back ground.




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photo's turned to link because it was over the size regulation of 640x480,

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Welcome to the forum Fee Wee


Aussie is a dominant pied, Grey Green.


Shazza is Nomal Grey Green. Will need a picture of the back to confirm.


You should get 50% dominant pied chicks.

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Thank you so much for the reply and helpful answer. Here is the closest I could of getting a picture of the back of Shazza imagejpg4_zpsdceb498e.jpg


My next question if you have the time is, I love the teal blue colored budgies. I have another breeding cage set up, and would really love to be able to breed in these colours.( in the future) What combo would be best for my second pair to enhance the chance of producing the teal colour.


Again thank you for your time in answering appreciate it

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I have been reading, and by no means expect a hand out on hard earn info.

From what I've gathered I'm after a YF 2 mutation & The double factor birds contain less yellow than single factor birds. ??

Is this correct???

Next question is, I live in cranbourne Victoria would any of you know a reputable breeder that is local?


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The color in the photos is a little funny, and I actually thought Shazza was a yellowface herself, and not a green. But Nick must be right, or else you would have questioned him calling her a green. It must be the grey factor that makes the photo look different.


If you want to work with the yellow face mutant two, you don't need to worry about double factor removing the yellow. In YF2 you reallly can't telll a single factor from a double factor. It's when you combine the YF2 with goldenface or YF1 that you will see incomplete dominance affecting the outcome.


For the most part, just stay away from YF1, and you won't have any problem with your YF2s.


Also, the teal color effect comes about when there is no dark factor. A dark factor will make a more green colored bird, albeit not as green as a normal green. With my yf2 cobalts, I have found that the color molts in fairly patchy, leaving some areas blue, some teal and some green. It's a nice effect, but not the same as an overall "seafoam" bird.


So I would say to select birds with 0 dark factors, or failing that, one but not two dark factors. I would also stay away from grey factor, since that masks how many dark factors a bird has. (Although a grey YF2 can be a unique and beautiful bird.)


If you only have one yf2 bird to use, then choose blue for the other bird.

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Thank you for the help and info Finnie

I thought Shazza was a yellow face also as her marking on her head/ front of chest do seem different to Aussies. But I think maybe a little wishful thinking there. I was only basing it on what I had read and have no experience so I will go with what nick has said. I do have the breeders contact details , but it's switching straight to answering service. As I really don't know much and am still only reading and learning I knew someone on here would know more. I will try and get a couple more better shots of Shazza today if possible. ( she has been spending a bit of time in the nesting box the last wk or so)

You are all wonderful thanks for your help

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Shazza is being a bit stubborn and not wanting to stay still. I'm still trying to get a good picture. Thought maybe she'd stay still for some celery lol










okay this should do I hope. Sorry for so many post

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