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I have just paired up a pair in my new breeding cage and before you say it, yes i have done my research... over 6 months of it :)

Anyway, i paired them up two days ago (yellow lacewing hen with normal green cock) and i was just wondering how long will it be until they start to bond and mate? The male was previously bonded with another partner but i separated him to go with the lacewing, :/ he seems a bit sad and misses her because he tries to find way to get out of the cage since it's in the aviary with the previous female. Could this affect how he bonds with the new female?

I have read around that you can expect eggs 8-14 days after pairing? seems a bit quick to me but you never know!

Anyway, let me know on what you know!

cheers, Willem

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Hello Willem, All you can mainly do when pairing up an unbonded pair of birds is to persevere with leaveing them together, but if after 4 weeks they were still not interested I would return them to their aviaries. It also makes a huge difference that the birds are both of a suitable age at least a year old and in breeding condition, meaning they have a longing to mate.


One other thing I would definately do is to move the birds away as far as possible from the distraction of a previous bonded mate as otherwise the birds are always preoccupied with distraction and you get no positive results.


Good luck with them

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Sounds like trefto has covered all the bases for you. :)


I hope they bond for you soon.

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