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New To This Forum And To Show Budgie Breeding

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Hi all


I used to colony breed budgies in a large aviary with superb parrots and bourkes when I was 15 to 20.


I had to give it away due to university and work and then I moved into a unit which nearly drove me mad.


At the ripe old age pf 31 I have finally moved into my own house and have my beloved aviaries set up.


I have been keeping finches (mainly gouldians) for the last few years and have recently dabbled with hookbills again.


I now have one pair of normal lineolated parrots, a pair of princess parrots (lutino/blue hen with a blue/yellow cock), black eyed self something or other (budgies, a pair of lutinos, and I was donated a pair of bush budgies today at a bird sale.


I am looking to gain better knowledge of the genetics required to breed good colour and posture. I like lutinos for some reason and would like to start with them.


Well....that's my intro done.





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Welcome Steve


Do you post on the AussieFinchForum? Your username seems familiar



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Sure do.


I use the same user name for all forums I am a member.


With my lone spare aviary I am trying to get into breeding some decent budgies. Something I have always wanted to get into and my son likes the idea which is always a bonus.

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Hi Steve,


Lutinos are nice. You should breed some nice ones with the pair that you have. Some breeders try to get deeper colour by breeding lutinos with two doses of the dark factor (technically lutino masking olive green ) but I wouldn't bother.


When you say posture, do you mean the modern show type?


Kind regards

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yup modern show type but I dont want them to be the size of Major Mitchells

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okay if the pair you have already have reasonable type you should be fine for now.


If you are unable to get good typey lutino outcrosses in the future, you can use an olive hen which when bred to lutino males will give you normal looking males split for lutino and lutino hens. You could also use dark green hens or even light green hens but never grey green hens as grey will dull the colour. I prefer to breed lutino to lutino where possible.



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Hi, Welcome to the forum :)

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