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Found: Blue And White Budgie, Rosanna

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Hello, much to our surprise the budgie ended up in our backyard early on Saturday morning, 24 May 2014, from where we don’t know and unfortunately encountered our cat who usually displays no attraction towards birds. The cat let the bird go after he was reprimanded. Apart from losing a few downy feathers, on inspection and since the bird has not exhibited any outwards signs of physical trauma – eating bird seed, drinking and defecating just fine.


An inquisitive bird, bit shy/scared so we haven’t handled it, just been careful to change its water and clean the ‘cage’ – the cat’s carry cage has had to suffice until we find its owner(s). We haven’t let it out of the cage as we don’t want it to fly off. No ID or tags to go on. A ‘Found’ flyer is displayed on the window of one of our local shops.


We think it is a she based on the colour of its cere – brownish.


The budgie has been quiet the last three days (previously was chatting) so I’m concerned it is missing its home and owner(s).


We live in Rosanna in Victoria (near Heidelberg), so if you or someone you know has recently lost a much loved budgie which this one clearly is, please contact me through private message. I hope the owner will come forward soon as we cannot keep this bird permanently (sob). We've never owned birds before apart from hens many years ago and have no desire to do so now (sorry! no offence!).


If the owner does not step forward soon would any of you good people be interested in homing this gorgeous feathered beauty or direct me to an organisation that can re-home it? We’ll give the owners until after next weekend (Queen’s Birthday long weekend) to come forward before taking the next step.


Photos of bird.





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Thanks for replying and sharing the link. I made enquiries with the owner of the lost bird. Unfortunately the budgie we found is not theirs. The search continues ...

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Well that's a shame. I was waiting to reap the rewards of my good karma.

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As the owner could not be located, the budgie has been rehomed with a loving family. Turns out it is a 'he' not a 'she' as I originally thought. The family have owned budgies previously so I'll take their word for it. All's well that ends well.

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