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Hen Laying Eggs

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Hello, I have 12 budgies living in an outside aviary since October last year, 8 males and 4 females. In the last couple of weeks I have found 2 eggs on different occasions on the floor of the aviary - broken and look unfertilised. I do not have any nest boxes and don't plan on breeding. Is this a problem that I have a female or females laying eggs or is this normal behaviour?

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This is normal behaviour - hens can lay eggs with or without a male. Not all hens will lay but if they are in breading condition it would be a very likely outcome. The birds will also mate when they are in breeding condition and that is likely to increase the chance of egg laying. You may even find a hen prepared to incubate her eggs on the floor or in a seed bowl etc if she is feels the need to create a family. So keep an I out for that one.


You mention that the eggs were broken and look unfertilised. They generally always will look infertile (yolk and white) when first laid as the embryo will still be very very small. I think it usually takes a few days before the fertility is obvious and some blood may be apparent in a broken egg. Hope that helps

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Thanks Kaj that is helpful

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