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Looking For A Pair Of Breeder Budgies


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Hi guys,

I recently got my breeding cabinets in check and I'm looking for a pair of budgies to go in them.

I'm only doing pet type birds for now :)

I tried looking on gumtree but so many people are unwilling to give information about the bird's age diet etc which is a cause of concern.

I think buying from a member here would be my best bet of getting nice healthy birds.

I live in the Eastern regions of Melbourne, around the Knox area and I'm willing to travel 20mins.

I'm looking for a pair that can produce DEC, albino or blue recessive pieds.

My birds are only bred twice a year during periods when temperatures are favorable.

When breeding, they get lots of softfood, sprouted grains and fruit and veg.

Thanks in advance

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