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A Better Budgie Diet?

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Hello :)


I currently feed my 34 little monsters seed daily consisting of white/french millet, normal panicum/red, canary, jap. The vegetables I feed them atm are spinach, corn, broccoli and carrot. They also have cuttlebone and iodine bells. I am looking at adding cucumber, beans, peas, lentils and boiled eggs to the mix. I want to start off this mix three times a week. I'm thinking I'll do two eggs once a week. I also want to add bottlebrush once a week and gum branches once a week, perhaps some hibiscus flowers if I can find them. I am going to write up charts for each day I will give them these things and mark off when I have, I find keeping records of things makes me more likely to do it and I am able to take these records to the vet as well. Does this sound like reasonable addition to their diets? Anything that can be given more frequently i.e eggs or anything else essential to add each week?

Thank you :)

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Sounds great!

Make sure the branches you get are from a clean environment free of pollution/pesticides etc

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