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Whats Classed As Normal In Your Club?


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In my club its Normal (green)...


I thought Normal would be your greys and blues.

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Green, perhaps even blue.

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I am really confused why my Normal Grey's can't go under Normal category.



I always thought Normal was wild type markings but any color bird could enter it.



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I should probably reword this all.


My club has only got a Green Normal class.


Well its got Normal(Green), I thought it would just be all colors of normals for a Normal Class.


there is no Normal(grey), Normal(blue) classes for some reason.

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I'm not into show birds but I'd say Green Normal is a green with no splits etc. any other colour would have been achieved from the original "green normal" so isn't classed as normal? Does that sound right?

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I just checked out the BCV website http://www.bcv.asn.au and it lists 7 normal catagories Normal Green, Normal Greygreen, Normal Blue, Normal Violet, Normal Grey, Normal English Yellow Face, Normal Australia Yellow Face... They are the 1st 7 catagories for shows.

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