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Which Mutation Is Monty?

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My budgie Monty is a year old female whose mutation I do not know. Each time she moults the colours and the patterns change. I'm not sure if she might be a rainbow budgie. She displays colours of light and dark blue, green, yellow, purple and white, many of these colours are different shades. Please can someone help me identify her, the photographs don't pick up all the patterns that can be seen with the naked eye.


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She is a blue golden face opaline. Because she is opaline as she moults the blue will turn to a sea foam green.



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Sorry I just read what I said and I mean because she is golden face the blue will change, the opaline only allows the body colour to come through the wings.



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She is very beautiful I love the sea foam green colored budgies. :)

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Thank you for your help budgie lov3r. I've only had plain blues, purples and grey's in the past so I was unsure. I can only keep one budgie at a time but hope to start breeding in the next 10 years. Your budgies are also very pretty phoebes.

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