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Fungal Crop Infections

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Hi pse help!!!!! 2 of my budgies died last year of some fungal infection..................................since then it seems to have bn kept at bay with Apple Cider Vinegar in water and bath water and washing avery once a week down with either JIK diluted in water or vinegar!

The birds mess terribly with food and husks and when it gets wet it really smells disgusting after a day or two, so I sweep and wash............work tirelessly just cleaning after these budgies and Lovebirds (seperate paRt of aviary)


Now one of my young males have it- he vomits his seeds up in little bundles. he has lost weight and prefers to eat the Groats (oats) instead of small millet since ill. I have put Metstatin powder over his seeds (from Vet) - have treated him with a liquid Ani-biotic in water, and have first 3 days treated him with Crop treatment (all from VET) my last 2 birds died anyway on this treatment-they just got weaker and weaker.

What can i give him to boost his immune system that he will eat! Any natural or homemade remedies! The Vets in Cape Town are useless with birds!!!!!


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Ensure that you have that bird in a different cage away from the others, so in case it spreads, i don't know if it can or not. Did the vet take a crop sample?


How is the crop problem diagnosed?

A sample is taken from the crop and examined under the microscope to look for fungi or other parasites. Special staining of the crop sample is also necessary to determine the presence of harmful bacteria. In some cases, a culture and sensitivity laboratory test may also need to be performed to determine exactly which type of bacteria is present and the drug/s to which it is sensitive.

Blood tests or xrays may also be needed to detect the underlying cause eg heavy metal poisoning, kidney disease.


What is the treatment?

Treatment may involve antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs, anti-fungal drugs, change in husbandry (eg temperature of food given to young birds) or just symptomatic treatment for the birds with suspected viral diseases. In severe cases your bird will need to stay in hospital for several days while it is stabilised and fluids and nutritional supplements administered.


Not sure if that helps or not?

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thanks 4 tryin to help me. Two of my other birds last year died of this! Itts a fungus that attacks crop.. Vet gave baytril for water, mega vitamins+metstatin powder+crop solution citrus. They both died irrespective! No Avian vet exists in Cape Town! Only normal vets! All they do is charge+kill my birds. I've had my own methods work better. He's still sick though.

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How is he today? I am not sure what else you can do =(

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Unfortunately it's true that many owners seem to come back from the vet and say their birds are on antibiotics then that they are dead. This really worries me and I hope I never have to go through this. Antibiotics are very strong my husband just got off a course of them. He had a sore throat. I didn't go to the doctor and anyways the medication was counter indicated for cardiac patients. Nine times out of ten medication is counter indicated for me anyways.


These antibiotics say that they can do permanent heart damage. It doesn't seem worth treating a sore throat to get heart damage.

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